Banana Software Systems Ltd.

Banana Software Systems Ltd was founded in 1998 by Richard Livingstone to provide contracting (consultancy and software development) services in the banking sector. Since then, we have expanded to write bespoke and packaged software for the financial, utility and sports and leisure sectors.

If you want software written to specification, to budget and on time, and management of the process from requirements gathering through to delivery, then please look no further.

Products from Bananasoft include the Clickvision suite of telephone voting products and the Voteworm online polling system for YouTube. Take a look and let us know what you think of it !

In addition to this, we're also responsible for the development of, and the production support and monitoring for, the Perception Panel at the BBC.

Technical areas of expertise that we specialise in include Java (Android, JEE, J2ME, J2SE) and C/C++ development on Windows, Unix (Linux, Sun Solaris) and mobile phone/PDA platforms, but see our technologies page for more detail on this.













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